Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special


Our winter Kyoto food event, Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special, will be held again. Thanks to all of you, this is the 11th year of this annual February event, which started in 2010 to promote familiarization of Kyoto food culture, boost the low season, and encourage tourists from home and overseas to easily enjoy Kyoto flavors. A record-number 204 shops are participating this year. Recently not only people living in Kyoto, but also more and more people from far have been coming to this event.

We have a great selection of shops and restaurants, from time-honored Kyoto cuisine, buckwheat noodles, eel, and sushi, to Western-style such as Italian and French, to Kyotoites’ favorite griddle meats, ingenious up-and-coming innovative cuisine and ethnic foods, which is new to the event this year, to sweets, all offering superb dishes using strictly selected seasonal ingredients with easy-to-understand pricing including taxes and service charges.

We have prepared four special programs where you can enjoy the attractions of Kyoto flavors:
Firstly, as a part of Kyoto city’s project “Hidden gems KYOTO”, Japanese sake from the Fushimi brewery district will be featured in the article on this website.
Secondly, through a tie-in with the Kyoto city central meat market, some participating stores will offer dishes using Kyoto’s premium branded “Kyoto Beef” wagyu.
Thirdly, eight sake breweries, two from inside the city, six from the northern part of Kyoto prefecture, will provide participating shops with recommended new brews from each brewery.
Fourthly, partnering with Obama city in Fukui prefecture which has a long culinary relationship with Kyoto, “drunkard mackerel” that are farm-raised with feed including sake lees from breweries in Kyoto, will be offered at some participating restaurants.

2020 is the Olympic and Paralympic year. We have been doing our best with this event so people visiting from home and abroad will request a visit to Kyoto for its good food. You are cordially invited to the city. We hope you will acquire many tasty memories in winter Kyoto.

Shigeo Araki
Head of exective committee of Kyoto Restaurant Special

We are happy to announce the opening of our event "Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special 2020" where you can enjoy limited-time-only elaborate menus at affordable prices.
Achieving great popularity every year, we have a record-number 204 participating stores this year.
As the content of the event has been greatly enhanced, I am deeply pleased to have the opportunity to see many smiles again. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each participating shop and all the people who have contributed to this event.

Kyoto has a wide range of restaurants from Japanese, of course, to Western-style and Chinese cuisines, from time-honored to up-and-coming establishments where you can experience authentic cuisine and cordial hospitality. Inviting you to experience our rich and varied food culture fostered throughout our city’s long history, we have prepared collaboration menus with Kyoto’s world-class branded “Kyoto Beef” wagyu and “drunkard mackerel” directly from the origin of the mackerel road, Obama city in Fukui prefecture. You can also enjoy new brews of sake strictly selected by local breweries specially for this occasion.
This season, less crowded than spring or autumn, is the optimal time for you to enjoy Kyoto food.
We hope you will fully enjoy this event and find your Kyoto stay this winter absolutely delicious.

Daisaku Kadokawa
Mayor of Kyoto City